• Westworld Reveals The Location of The Valley Beyond

    11 monthes ago - By Screen Rant

    Warning: SPOILERS ahead for Westworld season 2, episode 7 -
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  • ‘Westworld': Yup, THAT Character is Back - But Not Like You Think

    11 monthes ago - By The Wrap

    (Note: This post contains spoilers for the June 3 episode of “Westworld,” “Les Écorchés.”)
    The seventh episode of “Westworld” Season 2 dropped a bunch of narrative bombs on viewers, even as it packed in a heap of action as the humans and the hosts faced off in a series of deadly battles.
    While Delores battled Hale and her army of goons to try to rescue Delores' father, and Maeve and the Man in Black had a big showdown, the spookiest events were happening with Bernard. At the end of the last episode, Bernard jacked himself into the Cradle, the big computer at the center of Westworld that...
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  • WESTWORLD: The Past Is Calling In The New Promo For Season 2, Episode 8: "Kiksuya"

    11 monthes ago - By Comic Book Movie

    After an extremely bloody hour, next week's episode will shift the focus to the Ghost Nation leader, Kiksuya, who will be on a mission of his own. Meanwhile, Maeve and Dolores deal with tonight's fallout.
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