• THE GUNMAN (2015)

    5 monthes ago - By CineFiles

    Directed By: Pierre Morel
    Written By: Sean Penn, Pete Travis & Don McPherson
    Based on the Novel By: Jean-Patrick Machette
    Cinematography By: Flavio Martinez Labiano
    Editor: Frederic Thoraval
    Cast: Sean Penn, Javier Bardem, Idris Elba, Mark Rylance, Ray Winstone, Jasmine Trinca, Peter Franzen
    A sniper on a mercenary assassination team, kills the minister of mines of the Congo. Terrier's successful kill shot forces him into hiding. Returning to the Congo years later, he becomes the target of a hit squad himself.
    This seems like Sean Penn trying to be like Liam Neeson. Where after having a...
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