• The Disaster Artist Mimics The Room's Billboard Marketing Campaign

    One year ago - By Screen Rant

    The Disaster Artist , James Franco's film on the making of Tommy Wiseau's infamous bad movie The Room , now has its very own marketing campaign inspired by the original movie's somewhat infamous Hollywood billboard. Franco both directed and stars in The Disaster Artist , which charts the bizarre creation of one of the worst movies ever made. Dave Franco, Alison Brie , Kristen Bell, Josh Hutcherson, Zoey Deutch, Zac Efron, Megan Mulally, Adam Scott, Bryan Cranston, and Kate Upton all appear in the New Line Cinema film.
    The mysterious would-be auteur Tommy Wiseau, a singular personality...
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  • ‘The Disaster Artist' Billboard Channels Tommy Wiseau's Original ‘The Room' Poster

    ‘The Disaster Artist' Billboard Channels Tommy Wiseau's Original ‘The Room' Poster

    One year ago - By The Wrap

    “The Disaster Artist” has a billboard currently on Highland Ave. in Los Angeles which hilariously channels Tommy Wiseau's original “The Room” poster.
    The billboard is exactly where the original billboard for “The Room” was 14 years ago, according to indie film company A24. Back in 2003, writer/director/star Tommy Wiseau placed the billboard with his face in black and white asking pedestrians to call a number to “RSVP” for a screening.
    Two Billboards Outside Hollywood and Highland pic.twitter.com/KNB2w0diL6
    - A24 October 25, 2017
    Cut to 2017, Wiseau's head is now Franco's with the same...
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