• ‘Deadpool 2' Director David Leitch on Overcoming Sequelitis, Franchise's Future

    8 monthes ago - By The Wrap

    David Leitch admitted he was reluctant to step into the director's chair for “Deadpool 2” after Tim Miller's 2016 original became a global phenomenon.
    “I never really thought I would want to do a sequel because I like to create worlds,” he told TheWrap, noting that Ryan Reynolds' R-rated superhero film breaking various records and capturing the hearts of fans all over the world.
    But the star himself persuaded the “Atomic Blonde” director to come on board. “Ryan told me it would be most fun film to work on. That was a lie,” Leitch said, before he started laughing. “Just kidding - it was...
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  • ‘Deadpool 2' Stars Ryan Reynolds and Josh Brolin Call James Corden ‘Ugly' for Like 5 Minutes

    8 monthes ago - By The Wrap

    “Deadpool 2” hero and villain Ryan Reynolds and Josh Brolin carried over their protagonist-antagonist relationship to James Corden's “Late Late Show” on Thursday, when the trio remade “The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly.”
    Or at least, that's what they set out to do. The whole thing blew up once the CBS host heard the V.O. label him as “The Ugly.” Corden just couldn't make heads or tails of that unfortunate designation - though the man behind Cable laid it out for him in plain English.
    “Uglier than a sack of pig testicles,” Brolin described Corden to his face.
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  • ‘Deadpool 2' Shoots to $18.6 Million at Thursday Box Office, Smashing Record for R-Rated Film

    8 monthes ago - By The Wrap

    “Deadpool 2” shot to $18.6 million at the Thursday box office, surpassing its predecessor which earned $12.7 million in previews two years ago.
    Ryan Reynolds' sequel also broke the R-rated Thursday box office record that was previously held by “It.” The horror film grossed $13.5 million last September in previews.
    Independent trackers expect the film to at least match the $132 million opening weekend scored by the first “Deadpool” in 2016, which was then a record for February releases.
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  • ‘Deadpool 2' review

    ‘Deadpool 2' review

    8 monthes ago - By Digital Trends

    Deadpool 2 brings back Ryan Reynolds as mouthy mutant mercenary Wade Wilson, but can a few new mutants and John Wick co-director David Leitch catch R-rated lightning in a bottle a second time?
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