• Frank Stallone Calls David Hogg ‘P-y. Headline Grabbing Punk'; Twitter Punches Back

    9 monthes ago - By The Wrap

    Sylvester Stallone's younger brother Frank set off a wave of insults across Twitter Saturday after calling Parkland shooting survivor David Hogg a “p-y,” “little b-h” and a “coward.”
    “This David Hogg p-y is getting a little big for his britches,” Stallone tweeted. “I'm sure someone from his age group is dying to sucker punch this rich little b-h. Watch him run home like the coward he is. He's the worst rep for today's youth headline grabbing punk.”
    The tweet has since been taken down and his Twitter account locked, but we grabbed a screen shot below.
    Reactions came swiftly, with many...
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