• VENOM "Honest Trailer" Mocks The Movie's Goofiest Moments And Makes An Apt FLUBBER Comparison

    5 monthes ago - By Comic Book Movie

    Love it or hate it, Venom was a huge box office hit and a sequel is right around the corner. Now, an "Honest Trailer" for the Marvel movie has been released and you'll definitely get a laugh out of this!
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  • ‘Venom' Honest Trailer: Tom Hardy Stars in A Goopy Movie

    ‘Venom' Honest Trailer: Tom Hardy Stars in A Goopy Movie

    5 monthes ago - By Slash Film

    In case you didn't hear, Venom made a stupid amount of money at the global box office to the tune of over $855 million. No matter how hard critics came down on the Spider-Man spin-off, it didn't stop audiences from being curious enough to see how one of the webslinger's most iconic villains worked on his own. Of course, that doesn't mean the movie is anywhere near flawless, and the folks at Honest Trailers have plenty of jokes to make at the movie's expense.
    Watch the Venom Honest Trailer below.
    Venom Honest Trailer
    Say what you will about the quality of Venom , but Tom Hardy is reason...
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