• Why did Khudabaksh behave inconsistently in Thugs of Hindostan?

    9 monthes ago - By Movies Stack Exchange

    As seen in the trailer & the movie, Khudabaksh & Firangi share this dialogue
    Firangi: "Dhoka mera swabhav hai"
    Khudabaksh: "Aur bharosa mera"
    Khudabaksh reiterates his trusty nature through several similar dialogues in the film.
    Even though Firangi infiltrates the rebel Aazad army & gives up their location to Clive of the British East India Company, Khudahbaksh entrusts Firangi with the amulet to protect Zafira & the rebel army.
    However, earlier in the movie, when another spy is brought before him, Khudabaksh beheads him even though the spy asks for forgiveness & another chance to prove...
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