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Why we'll be talking about Blade Runner 2049 for a long time

Posted On: Oct 30, 2017   |   Posted By: nerdvanatv

Why we'll be talking about Blade Runner 2049 for a long time

The stakes were phenomenally high for director Denis Villeneuve. Blade Runner Fans anticipated the film with a combined sense of foreboding and delirious excitement. Blade Runner 2049 had to reach a high bar to avoid an annihilating outrage and to be considered a worthy sequel.

Since it hit the big screens, Blade Runner 2049 has been defined as everything from breathtaking to boring, brilliant to pretentious and a masterpiece to super dull. The telegraph called it the most spectacular blockbuster of all time. Yet some viewers criticized it for being far too long and tedious.

Villeneuve is a director that knows about loneliness. His last film Arrival placed him in perhaps one of the loneliest position of all - at the top of the list with Best Director nominations from both BAFTA and the Oscars. His deft and unique handling of the sci-fi genre raised the hopes of millions of Blade Runner fans, that after waiting 35 years, the sequel might well live up to the original.

And it did but not without controversy.

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