• Superhero Bits: Behind the Scenes of Captain Marvel, Venom Symbiotes & More

    8 monthes ago - By Slash Film

    Could Disney's streaming service kill off Agents of SHIELD? How many views did the Captain Marvel trailer get in its first 24 hours? Why do the symbiotes in Venom come to Earth? What would it take for Ryan Gosling to play Batman? What does Ruben Fleischer think of Venom operating on his own without Spider-Man around? All that and more in this edition of Superhero Bits .
    Watch the fourth episode of DC Daily , taking a look at DC Black Label, Anatomy of Metahumans and more.
    Comic Book Resources thinks Disney's streaming service will end up killing Agents of SHIELD on ABC.
    TV Line revealed...
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  • Captain Marvel Gets Legends Figures From Hasbro

    Captain Marvel Gets Legends Figures From Hasbro

    8 monthes ago - By Super Hero Hype

    The Captain Marvel movie is getting the Marvel Legends treatment with figures from Hasbro inspired by the next film in the MCU.
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