• Star Wars Bits: ‘Solo' Easter Eggs, Deep Cut References, and the Legendary Cameo That Never Was

    9 monthes ago - By Slash Film

    In this edition of Star Wars Bits:
    A whole bunch of Solo Easter eggs are revealed
    Ron Howard makes a stunning revelation
    Mark Hamill and James Gunn become BFF's
    Taika Waititi becomes Boba Fett...sort of
    And much more!
    Solo: A Star Wars Story might've underperformed at the box office, but it definitely didn't underperform when it comes to easter eggs. Not just Star Wars easter eggs though, as SyFy discovered there are also some pop culture easter eggs from classics like the Indiana Jones movies and Back to the Future .
    People have been asking me if K-2SO and L3-37 would make a good couple...
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